Magnetic Products

Label Fusion high quality fridge magnets specifically to meet your objectives and budgetary needs. With the ability to custom print, we deliver brands into a number of areas in everyday life. Whether in the advertising, promotional or the home environment, our fridge magnets are a great cost effective product.

  • Flexible size and shape options to meet any objective and budget.
  • Constant ‘in-your-face’ branding on the fridge.
  • Fridge magnets are small and flat making them ideal for promotional give-aways and as pack or publication inserts.
  • Flow-wrapped packaging in clear BOPP bags is an optional extra available on demand.
  • Contact us for any custom design or size.

Magnetic bookmarks are a great way to market and promote your business. Label Fusion magnetic bookmarks are designed to perfectly fit your branding and can also be changed to suit your business needs.

bookmarks great to market your company to the typical book-readers, the company branding enjoys longevity from one book to the next.

  • Magnetic bookmarks offer a premium space for optimum branding.
  • Magnetic bookmarks are ideal for mass distribution.
  • Flexible size and shape options to meet any business objective and budget.
  • Offer multiple branding opportunities for your business.
  • The print is high resolution and full colour for clear brand messaging.

This product is packed straight into a carton but can easily be individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags

Magnetic calendars are a great product that are useful, prominent and last all year. Frequently used by the property agent community, to promote business and gain top-of-mind awareness.

  • Flexible sizes, shapes and cost.
  • Daily domestic branding opportunity on the fridge, coupled to a very useful, easy to reference item, in a high traffic area.
  • The unit cost of a magnetic calendar can be very low, dependent on what option is selected.
  • Can be easily slipped into post-boxes.
  • Usually packed straight into cartons for delivery.

Magnetic licence discs offer a revolutionary, two-piece, licence disc that solves the on-going problem car owner’s experience, i.e. the sticky glue residue left on windscreens with license renewal.

  • Magnetic licence discs offer leaflet insert opportunities.
  • Branding lives with the consumer every day the vehicle is driven.
  • High resolution printing will ensure quality representation of your brand.
  • Due to its low unit cost, it offers excellent value for money.
  • Unlike their self-adhesive competitors, whose life span is no more than 12 months, these licence disc holders carry on promoting your brand year after year.
  • This product is individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags.

Magnetic notepad & pencil set  is a new product designed to offer usefulness and convenience.

  • This product offers great flexible size and shape options to meet particular objectives and budgets.
  • The magnetic notepad & pencil give an opportunity to be part of the consumer’s life daily.
  • This product also offers multiple opportunities to brand (magnet/paper/pencil).
  • The total unit cost is low.
  • This product comes individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags, which are an ideal vehicle to accommodate a paper leaflet/flyer with the product. The value-add is significant.

Coasters – A product that exudes quality and durability. This product will show your brand in a positive light.

  • Front and centre branding for the desktop/countertop/bar counter etc.
  • Flexible size and shape options.
  • Can be personalised or used as a promotional item.
  • Imaging is high quality and high definition.
  • Not only is the unit cost of this coaster option competitive, they also provide a washable, water-proof and re-usable product that has staying power.
  • The neoprene base also gives a non-slip surface to prevent those accidental spillages.

Mouse pads and Signature pads

  • One of the most potent promotional branding tools in the desktop environment ever conceived.
  • Different shapes and sizes to suit your business needs and budget.
  • Constant branding on the desktop.
  • This product comes standard packed into cartons or can individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags.