We offer a wide range of labels into the self adhesive label market, from blank labels to 5 colour printing, with options such as UV Varnishing, Laminating, Foiling, Embossing and Numbering.

We have various options available on materials depending on your application from paper labels to

synthetic substrates such as polypropylene, dairy-film and metallised labels.


Here are some of the label options we provide below

  • Our printing bureau can print labels for you such as barcode labels and other small runs.
  • Barcode labels all sizes
  • Blanks labels – Thermal paper, Semi-gloss, Matt paper
  • Colour labels for all product types – Wine labels, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Warehousing, Food products, Clothing
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Outer case box labels
  • Stock take labels
  • Sale and promotional labels
  • Warning labels such as (Fragile, This side up, Glass content inside)
  • Day-Glo labels (radiant colours) – for easy identification
  • Tyvek tags – for nursery plants
  • Agriculture labels
  • Synthetic labels for durability and longevity of the label (Polyester, Dairyfilm, TTP, 3M Polyester Silver)

We have various options available on materials depending on your application and environments.


  • Acrylic – standard adhesive (not very aggressive but sticks well)
  • Hotmelt – suitable for temperatures up to (-15 degrees cold or + 15 degrees hot)
  • Removable adhesive – Also known as easy peel label ( easily removed when required ) and doesn’t

leave any residue or stickiness.

  • Piggyback- additional layer in the label (Courier companies use these to stick on bags and parcels, the

top layer sticker can be removed.


We have an in house label printing department, dedicated to print your information
onto your blank labels see examples of various options below.

* Barcodes for retail chains
* Outer case carton identification
* Asset tracking labels
* Warehouse shelving labels
* Care labels for clothing
* Variable Information Printing
* Pre-printed generic labels with variable information overprinted
* Sell by date labels
* Batch labels
* Database printing
* Address labels
* Schools –  pupil stationery identification labels
* Shelf Talkers
* Deep Freeze Export labels
* Size labels
* Stock take label
Bureau printing utilises a combination of thermal transfer printing and flexo printing, depending on the quantity of labels required.