Ribbons  (Thermal transfer)

We supply good quality ribbons Premium and High End in Wax, Wax-resin and Resin and also available in colour Green, Red, Blue and White

High end range ribbons – this allows you to print much faster and still achieve good quality prints especially when it comes to small text and printing barcodes.

These ribbons offers good protection for your printhead due to the Teflon coating and has virtually

no static (Static is one of the major causes for pre-mature printhead failure. As you know printheads are very costly to replace).

Premium ribbons are nearly as good as the high end ribbons but with lower wax ink content. In some cases depending on the type of printer you use, you will have increase the temperature slightly and low the speed to get the same or similar result as the high end ribbons. Keep in mind your printheads will not last as long as when using a high end ribbon. This is due to the fact that your printer temperature has to be increased when using a lesser quality ribbon thus shortening you printhead lifespan.